2014 ELS

Lab Manager Survival Guide

Our Lab Manager Survival Guide, was a big hit. We had a packed house with over 80 attendees. Our distinguished speakers, Mark Honer and Dan Lunderville shared valuable lessons in building their labs.


How to properly model and forecast a lab build out?

Don't be stuck in a one bedroom apartment if you're expecting triplets.

With power capacity requirements doubling and cooling demands tripling every 2 years, how do you plan and build your lab to meet the demand?

More importantly, how do you get your CFO to sign off?

Best practices - how to avoid "broken window theory"

Avoiding coffee cups in the lab, bird's nested cables, unauthorized connects/disconnects...

Mark and Dan shared a full list of their go to solutions to solve the above problems.

2015 ELS

2015 ELS

May 07, 2015

2015's Engineering Lab Symposium featured James Smith and Kent Wagoner of Ericsson, who discussed lab automation: why do it? Savings that you can expect?

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