Engineering Lab Symposium: Lab Automation
Our 2015 Engineering Lab Symposium featured James Smith and Kent Wagoner of Ericsson, who discussed Why Automate your lab? How to get automation in the budget? And, how to make automation a reality!

2015 ELS

Some of the highlights from Ericsson's presentation on lab automation were:
1. Lab Automation can lead to 56% savings in hardware expenditure.
2. Space, power and cooling demands are reduced.
3. Significantly reduces downtime to reconfigure and cabling faults.
4. Tools within automation, layer one switches, and orchestration software and how to use them.
5. Go from this to this:
We had great participation from the audience as well with many insightful questions to our presenters, James Smith and Kent Wagoner.
We had some fun too! We introduced the "One Sided Speed Dating" segment, where vendors had a minute and a half to pitch their solutions to the audience - It obviously wasn't everyone's first rodeo ;)
And, we had great giveaways as well including 2 x $100 gift cards, Brother Labeler, Fluke Tester, and the grand prize of 2 tickets to an upcoming 49ers game (50 yard line lower bowl seats).

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2016 ELS

2016 ELS

November 08, 2016

Our latest Engineering Lab Symposium featured Dan Lunderville of Palo Alto Networks, who discussed lab automation: why do it? How to go from concept to realization.

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